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Hello, and I welcome you to my site. My name's Christian Wright and I began building and designing websites some eight years back. Believe it or not I'm actually a welder by trade, so the switch to creating websites was relatively extreme, nevertheless I fell into it without difficulty and now it simply is "what I do". To tell the truth I find it an interesting challenge, brainstorming strategies and putting them into practice, in some instances wishing to generate a bit of cash from it and occasionally just doing it for fun. This particular website is a tad of both.

I have no idea with regards to you, but I have definitely gotten weary of incessant promotions and advertising shoved in my face on websites, nonstop pop-up windows trying to peddle me junk I wouldn't want and newsletters I will not read, and having to login or join to achieve anything at all on most modern websites, meaning my email account is about to get the crap spammed out of it and i'm no doubt going to burn my valuable time day after day eliminating all of this crap. I would wager that you feel exactly the same don't you? I hope that you will not feel this way after visiting my website.

So, while you may notice some promotional material here, it won't be shoved down your throat, you will not have to put up with any pop-up windows, you won't be asked to register or login and you will never get any spammy emails or newsletters. This site is not dynamic as a result stuff will not keep moving around or take ages to load.

Simple, straightforward websites have invariably been my objective, having webpages that are quick loading and which does not incorporate crap that you don't want or need. I hope I have accomplished this here or at least you have not been irked by your time here, possibly you will even have benefited from the exercise. If so then I have succeeded in my goal.

I'm not a builder myself so please do not contact me with enquiries connected with building or any of the featured trades or to obtain quotes for home improvement projects, the website was designed to advise you of the variety of ways to look for a reliable tradesmen yourself.

I can't recommend or endorse any individual service, I have just suggested a few techniques for picking one, the choice is ultimately yours.

I hope to to see you here again some day soon and thanks a lot one more time for visiting.